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Carbon storage and carbon sequestration potential of the forest in China

Qi LI1,Jian-Hua ZHU1,2(),Yuan FENG1,Wen-Fa XIAO1,2   

  1. 1 Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing 100091, China
    2 Co-Innovation Center for Sustainable Forestry in Southern China, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China
  • Received:2017-05-27 Revised:2017-08-02 Online:2018-05-31 Published:2018-06-07


To strengthen the research of forest carbon storage and carbon sequestration potential, which is an important basis for the development of China’s policy of increasing carbon sequestration, plays an important role in climate change negotiations and comprehensive understanding of carbon sequestration potential in China. Based on the 7th (2004-2008) and 8th (2009-2013) national forest inventory data of China, IPCC volume-biomass method was used to estimate the carbon storage and carbon density of China’s provinces. The variations and age group characteristics of the carbon storage and carbon density were analyzed in the natural forest and artificial forest in China. The accumulation of per unit area-age groups logistic growth equation model was established different regions and different dominant species. Combined with the growth target of the forest area and accumulation in 2020 and 2030 in China, the future carbon sequestration potential was predicted. The main conclusions are as follows: The total carbon storage of forests in China is 6135.68 Tg, and the carbon density is 37.28 Mg/hm 2; The carbon storage of natural forest and plantation is 5246.07 Tg and 889.61 Tg, which account for 85.50% and 14.50% of total carbon storage, respectively. By 2050, carbon storage and carbon density of forest in China will reach 11125.76 Tg and 52.52 Mg/hm 2, increasing by 81% and 41%, respectively compared with 2010. The results show that China’s forest has a great carbon sequestration potential, and will play an important role in combating and mitigating global climate change.

Key words: Forest carbon storage, Volume-biomass method, Logging scenarios, Carbon sequestration potential

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