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Characteristics of Climate Change in Forestry Region in Southeast Tibet During 1954-2009


  • Received:2011-06-02 Revised:2011-10-26 Online:2012-01-30 Published:2012-01-30

Abstract: Based on the meteorological data collected at nine typical stations in the forestry region of southeast Tibet, the climate change in the region was analyzed. The results show that the annual mean temperature in southeast Tibet forestry region increased about 0.9℃ from 1954 to 2009, in particular the increment of mean temperature in winter was 1.47℃. According to the Mann-Kendall test, the abrupt change of annual mean temperature occurred in 2001. Meanwhile, the annual precipitation in the forestry region has distinctively increased 185 mm during 1954-2009, most of the increment happened in spring (83 mm) and autumn (55 mm), and the abrupt change of annual precipitation occurred in 1979. The climate change in the forestry region was more significant compared with those in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China, and it became more significant along with the increasing altitude of station.

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