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Comparison of Global Mean Temperature Series

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  • Received:2010-07-16 Revised:2010-12-01 Online:2011-03-30 Published:2011-04-07

Abstract: Studies on the reconstruction of global mean temperature series are reviewed. Three series, HadCRUT3, NCDC, and GISS, are described in detail. Satellite data have been used since 1982 in the latter two series. NCDC series provides the most complete coverage among the three series by using statistic interpolation technique. It is found that the pause of global warming in 2000-2009, which is revealed in HadCRUT3 series, is caused by the incompleteness of data coverage. Missing of data over the Arctic reduced the positive anomaly of global mean temperature, for where the local warming was very high recently. GISS and NCDC series show much higher warming trends during the last 10 years. Three series give the nearly same warming trend (0.70-0.75℃ /100a) of global mean temperature for 1910-2009.

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