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Evaluation on geological sequestration suitability and potential of CO2 in Ordos Basin

Hong YANG1,2,Xi-Sen ZHAO1,2,Yu-Long KANG1,2,Long-Long CHEN1,2,Chun-Xia HUANG1,2,Hong WANG1,2   

  1. 1 Research Institute of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd, Xi’an 710075, China;
    2 CO 2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an 710075, China;
  • Received:2018-05-14 Revised:2018-08-14 Online:2019-01-30 Published:2019-01-30


During the process of CO2 geological sequestration suitability evaluation with analytic hierarchy method, problems include that weight of low level evaluation index is calculated with little consideration of the real research region and suitability evaluation result isn’t studied further. To solve the above problems, through calculating the index composition weight and suitability score, CO2 geological sequestraion suitability evaluation in Ordos Basin was carried out combined with its geological feature. Then, the research of caprock closure, taking the Chang 4+5 layer in Xingzichuan oilfield for example was done. At the same time, CO2 geological sequestration potential in deep saline aquifer and reservoir was calculated with corresponding methods. Calculated results show that the CO2 geological sequestraion suitability in Triassic is the best, closely followed by Carboniferous-Permian and Ordovician. Meanwhile, sealing ability of Chang 4+5 caprock in Xingzichuan oilfield is good for CO2 geological sequestraion. Moreover, the potential of CO2 geological sequestration in deep saline aquifer and reservoir is 1.33×10 10 t and 1.91×10 9t, respectively. In addition, there are 56 suitable areas in Wuqi, Jingbian and Xingzichuan blocks in Yanchang Petroleum and its CO2 geological sequestraion potential is about 1.77×10 8 t.

Key words: CO2 geological sequestration, Ordos Basin, Caprock closure, Analytic hierarchy process, Sequestraion potential

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