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Intensity Allocation Criteria of Carbon Emission Permits and China Regional Development—Based on a 30-Province/Autonomous Region Computable Equilibrium Model Analysis


  • Received:2011-05-27 Revised:2011-10-26 Online:2012-01-30 Published:2012-01-30

Abstract: The intensity allocation criteria of carbon emission permits and its influence on China誷 regional development were analyzed through the 30-province/autonomous region CGE model. Simulation results show that: industrial intensity criteria without taking regional economic development into account, deepens the unbalanced development of regional economy; regional intensity criteria without taking industrial attributes into account, exerts little negative impact on regional harmonious development, but relatively high negative influence on high-carbon-emission industries. The two-step allocation scheme that the central government allocates emission permits to provincial governments based on regional economic development and then provincial governments allocate emission permits to emission resources or entities based on industrial attributes, is a feasible and operable choice.

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