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Simulation of the East Asian Summer Climate Change in the “Free Arctic” Condition


  • Received:2010-09-20 Revised:2010-10-22 Online:2011-05-30 Published:2011-05-31

Abstract: By using the CMIP3 models’ projections under the IPCC SRES A1B scenario, a possible future Arctic condition—the “Free Arctic” condition is generated. The corresponding monthly sea surface temperature and the set of CO2 abundances are used to drive the IAP9L-AGCM model for the purpose of analyzing East Asian climate change in the “Free Arctic” condition. The experiment show that in boreal summer (JJA), the global surface air temperature in the “Free Arctic” condition will increase to different extents, with increments greater at high latitudes than at low latitudes and over lands than over oceans at the same latitudes. The sea level pressure will decrease over lands, but increase over the subtropical oceans and parts of the oceans around the Antarctic. In addition, the East Asian summer monsoon will enhance and the summer monsoon rainfall over eastern China will increase correspondingly.

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