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Characteristics of Extreme Temperature Events During 1961-2009 in Heilongjiang Province


  • Received:2010-07-27 Revised:2010-09-06 Online:2011-03-30 Published:2011-04-07

Abstract: Extreme temperature events in Heilongjiang Province during 1961-2009 and their variation characteristics were evaluated by using the 8 WMO extreme climate indices. The results show that, in recent 49 years, summer days (SU), extreme minimum temperature (TNN), extreme maximum temperature (TXX), warm nights (TN90) and warm days (TX90) displayed a significantly increasing tendency, while frost days (FD), cold nights (TN10) and cold days (TX10) showed a decreasing tendency. The TNN and TXX had obviously interannual variabilities, and abrupt changes. The increase in TNN mainly occurred after the mid-1980s, while the obvious rising in TXX occurred after 1990. Spatially, extreme temperatures showed a consistent increasing or decreasing tendency over the whole province. The rising of night temperature contributed more to the warming than day temperature.

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